About Us


Fly Over Group initiated in 2009 by Faisal I Cheeran, later it became a community in business. Faisal Cheeran is the successor of the team which has over 20 entrepreneurs from different districts. Flyover has become increasingly popular in the furniture sector from manufacturing and trading. The flyover group has one institution in every 75 km in Kerala. We distribute a wide variety of furniture to over five thousand retail outlets in the state. The group has over 30 vehicles, more than 30 sales executives are working in all the districts. Six retail showrooms, called IFA Deccor, is also run under the group. Flyover is registered under the law of state and

central governments. Behind the success of Fly over is, we applied a formula in furniture industry which offers value for price and outstanding customer service. To offer value, we also need to understand the product what we are selling, community in which we set up our store, our team have to understand the needs, desires, and aspirations of those who live in that particular area. These understandings and knowledge guide us in merchandising, advertising, and pricing. Also we have Wholesale, Retail and Manufacturing units that too help us to understand the pulse of the customer and provide them nothing but the best. Keeping the Business idea of Fly Over in mind, the Group is committed to providing customers with premium services for extraordinary experience!.


To lead the furniture industry offering creative, innovative products, and helps to enhance the quality of lifestyle


We are committed to provide best in quality, design and comfortable furniture’s at the best rates possible.

Trend Itself

Every three months we set a new trend in the market by bringing changes in our set of collection.

Core Values

  • Honour of words
  • Continues Updation
  • Unity